Does Hypnotherapy work for everyone?  

Everyone experiences some form of trance in their daily lives, and therefore can experience hypnosis. However, their ability to be hypnotised in a session can be influenced by other factors such as rapport with the therapist, levels of concentration, ability to relax etc.

How does it feel?

There is no definition of how it feels, so it’s best not to analyse it or expect anything and to just go with it. That said, being hypnotised is not the same as being asleep, but you may experience some similar sensations, the loss of focus on your surroundings, feeling very relaxed, and your mind may drift. You may notice that you hear some things that are being said and not others, and this is perfectly fine. It is usually a very pleasant experience.

Can I be trapped in a trance?

Absolutely not. Even if you were left in a trance, you would just naturally re- orientate to full awareness.

Will I lose control?

No, during the session you will be 100% in control and if at any time you wish to open your eyes, you will be able to do so. Your unconscious mind will only ever accept suggestions that are positive for you and in line with your goals. If you speak, which you may, you would never say anything that you would not say outside of trance, you remain in control.    

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side effects to being hypnotised, as you are simply going into a relaxed state whereby we are able to give your unconscious mind suggestions for change that are positive and in line with your goals. If at any point you feel like you want to stop or heard something you needed to react to, such as an alarm, you would simply open your eyes and able to stand and leave the room. The worst that can happen is that you feel nice and relaxed!

Is it confidential?

I am fully insured and bound by the rules of ethical practise. Notes are confidential and kept secure at all times. During the consultation I will take your consent to contact your GP/Police, but would only do this if I believed you to be a danger to yourself or other people.

Can children be hypnotised?

Children above the age of 5 can be hypnotised, although the structure of the session is different for children, so that it is more appropriate for their age. I would need a parent or guardians consent and for them to be present during the session.

Can Hypnotherapy help with medical issues?

Hypnotherapy can also stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities and can be used to reduce complaints such as Hypertension. There is a belief that the embryological fold develops to create the skin, gut and nervous system. Therefore, as they are all created from the same tissue, it’s highly feasible that skin and gut problems can be treated by the unconscious mind. In addition, scans (Position Emission Tomography) have shown that hypnosis directly impacts the part of the brain that perceives pain and can reduce it.

How many sessions will I need and how long to they last?

As we are all different it is difficult to be certain about how many sessions will be needed to reach your goals. I work on the basis of 3-6 sessions for most treatments and will work with you to reach your goals as soon as possible, and as soon as they are achieved we will look to complete your therapy. Session 1 includes a free 45 min consultation. A therapy sessions last for approximately and hour, including discussion time.

Stop smoking session is a one session approach and therefore is an extended session, approx. 2 hours.

Gastric Band session is a structured set of sessions that follow a constructed plan that covers a set number of sessions which we will discuss prior to start.

How do I pay?

Cash Payment will be needed at the end of each session for individual sessions, for businesses this will be agreed when the bespoke plan is discussed.